The Basic Needs for Which Every Worthwhile Bug-Out Bag Needs to Account

No one can ever say for certain what the future will bring, but some are more complacent about their prospects than others. While many people assume that life will continue indefinitely in the usual, accustomed ways, others believe that far more troublesome possibilities are becoming more likely.

For those who wish to be prepared to face such developments, having an appropriate complement of supplies and gear ready at all times can be comforting. A simple selection of prepper gear assembled in a so-called "bug-out bag" can equip a well trained person to survive for quite some time in self sufficient fashion.

A Carefully Considered Mix of Supplies and Gear

Such collections are normally meant to be as convenient as possible to assemble and maintain, while still remaining practical. It can therefore take a fair bit of strategic thinking to arrive at the optimal selection of components. In just about every case, though, such a kit should account for needs including:

Water. No human being can survive for long without water, so having some means of purifying any that might be found must also be a priority. Advanced, portable filtration systems often make excellent additions to kits like these for this reason.

Food. While long-term survival might depend upon the ability to hunt and gather, having access to sustenance in the here and now will matter, as well. Most kits will incorporate at least a bit of dried food or even some canned goods that are meant to provide a lot of nutrition and energy.

Shelter. Even being subjected to a brief downpour can cause the core temperature of an exposed individual to plummet dangerously. A simple, compact tarp added to a collection of tactical gear can make suffering this fate much less likely.

Fire. A crackling fire was probably one of mankind's earliest and most important discoveries, and the utility of that asset will become clear if a major disaster should ever strike. A magnesium based fire starter or other way of getting a fire going will never be misplaced in a bug-out bag.

Ready to Go at Any Time and For Any Conceivable Reason

Putting together a kit like this can enable a person to confront whatever the future might bring with more confidence. While some take survival for granted, others are happier to take responsibility.



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